Scammers Are Actively Exploiting A Firefox Bug

Long-time Slashdot reader slack_justyb shares this story from Ars Technica:
Scammers are actively exploiting a bug in Firefox that causes the browser to lock up after displaying a message warning the computer is running a pirated version of Windows that has been hacked… The message then advises the person to call a toll-free number in the next five minutes or face having the computer disabled…

Jérôme Segura, head of threat intelligence at security provider Malwarebytes, said the Firefox bug is being exploited by several sites… On Monday, Segura reported the bug to the Bugzilla forum. He said he has since received word Mozilla is actively working on a fix. In a statement sent seven hours after this post went live, a Mozilla representative wrote: “We are working on a fix to the authentication prompt bug that we expect to land in the next couple of releases (either in Firefox 71 or 72).”

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