XDA’s Daily Best Value Recommendations! – Singles’ Day Sale Day 1

The last week just brought to an end the Big Diwali sales frenzy which can be considered the equivalent of Black Friday in India. However, it seems the big shopping spree will continue as Singles’ Day approaches fast. If you’re not yet aware of what it is, let me bring you up to speed on why you should be tracking it. 

Singles’ Day takes place every year on 11/11 and while it started off as a way to celebrate being single, it is now literally the world’s biggest shopping festival. With almost $31 billion in retail sales last year alone, the yearly 24-hour 11/11 Global Shopping Festival is now bigger than Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday put together. More than 180,000 Chinese and international brands participate in this sale and we’ll be mentioning some of the products that are up for grabs on Banggood that are worth taking a look at. We will also be giving away coupons to redeem more discount on the deals mentioned below. So, here’s the list. 

Xiaomi 10000mAh Wireless Power Bank 10W

Xiaomi already sells a variety of power banks across different regions of the globe. However, its wireless power bank is not available in many places, especially in India. It’s a fast-charging battery pack that supports up to 10W (wireless) and 18W (wired) USB-A charging. It can charge two devices via the ports and do wireless charging simultaneously. Singles’ Day is a nice time to grab one of these from Banggood as it is being sold for ₹3,308.46 (₹2,212.07 with XDA Exclusive Coupon Code: BGXDAXMPB). 

Check it out with Coupon Code: BGXDAXMPB

Xiaomi Mijia SYB01 Quartz Watch

The Mijia Quartz Watch is another accessory that isn’t available outside of China. It looks like an analogue watch but does have a few smart and fitness features such as a calorie counter and a pedometer. It’s waterproof, has a 40mm dial, and comes in White, Gray, and Black colour options. The Mijia Quartz Watch can be paired to a smartphone app with Bluetooth 4.2 and works with both iOS and Android. (₹3,568.29 with XDA Exclusive Coupon Code: BGXDAMJSYB01). 

Check it out with Coupon Code: BGXDAMJSYB01

75W Type-C PD Multi-Port

QC3.0 Compatible Fast Charger 


This is a 75W multi-port charger with a Type-C, PD-45W, and a QC 3.0 port apart from two other USB-A outputs. Needless to say, it will work with compatible laptops, mobile phones, and tablets. It’s currently selling for a price of ₹2,399.23. (₹1,420.46 with XDA Exclusive Coupon Code: BGXDACharger).

Check it out with Coupon Code: BGXDACharger

Insta 360 Go AI Auto Editing Hands-free Sports Camera

The Insta 360 Go is one of those offerings that make the company stand out in its 360-degree video capture segment. It is truly tiny coming in at just two inches tall and an inch wide. It also features the Insta360’s FlowState stabilization which works wonders in smoothing the footage. It shoots clips at a resolution of up to 2720 x 2720, but it crops the image to 1080p. It also has the FlashCut auto-editing feature which uses AI to single out clips and stitch them together. It’s on sale for ₹18,460.(₹11,776.99 with XDA Exclusive Coupon Code: BGXDAInsta360).

Check it out with Coupon Code: BGXDAInsta360

Baseus Type-C PD Multi USB Fast Transfer Multi-function Converter Hub

This is a Type-C converter hub that will be super useful for laptops that have a USB-C port. It has 4 x USB 3.0 + PD slots as well as SD, 4K/HD and all of them can be used at the same time. It has a tough glass panel and 60W support. It also supports up to 5Gbps speeds with USB 3.0. You’ll be able to get it for ₹4,239. (₹3,354.15 with XDA Exclusive Coupon Code: BGXDAInsta360)

Check it out with Coupon Code: BGXDABaseus1

Apart from these deals, you can also check out India.xda.deals which is our daily updated portal focused on offers and deals for gadgets, accessories and more.  


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