City of Johannesburg Hit by Ransomware, Again

A hacker group going by the name of Shadow Kill Hackers has infected the city of Johannesburg’s internal network with ransomware and is holding South Africa’s largest city for ransom. From a report: The hackers are demanding 4 bitcoins to be paid by next Monday, October 28, 5 pm, local time, or they claim they’ll upload the city’s data on the internet. “Your servers and data have been hacked,” the ransom note reads, according to reports from local media [1, 2, 3, 4] and a screenshot posted on Twitter. “We have dozens of back doors inside your city. We have control of everything in your city. We also compromised all passwords and sensitive data such as finance and personal population information,” the note said. Authorities responded by shutting down all the IT infrastructure, such as websites, payment portals, and other e-services. A breach was later confirmed via the city’s official Twitter account. This is the second time in the past four months that the city’s network was hit by ransomware. In July, hackers installed ransomware on the city power provider’s network, leaving some residents without electricity for days.

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