A NeoPixel Emulator coded in Python #Python #NeoPixel @HacksterIO

Arduino “having11” Guy writes on Hackster.io about coding a software simulator for NeoPixel smart RGB LEDs:Tired of only being able to test pixel patterns on actual NeoPixels? Now you can use Python to view your changes and make tweaks!
All too often I have found myself wanting to experiment with different patterns on Neopixel strips, yet testing takes a very long time. Each change requires compiling and uploading the program to the board. Additionally, adding more pixels uses up more valuable desk space. This is why I got the idea to create a simple program in Python that allows users to port over their code and make changes with very little change, as well as being able to add up to 1000 NeoPixels easily.
You can find the project GitHub repository here. The full article is on Hackster.io and a video if the emulator is below.  // Read more: original article.

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