The Golden Brass Stine Goya Kitchen by Reform

The Golden Brass Stine Goya Kitchen by Reform

Stine Goya Kitchen is a minimal kitchen renovation using kitchen designs by Copenhagen-based studio Reform. Stine Goya, being an internationally respected fashion designer, wanted a kitchen that reflects both her style and personality. As a result, the pure golden brass finish was used for her new showroom and head office in Copenhagen.

The original design is by Christina Meyer Bengtsson, but Stine Goya chose only to have the brass in the kitchen. A portion of the fronts are with handles, and some are without. In Meyer Bengtsson’s design she has black side panels, but Stine customized this look to include brass as well.

In the end, the walls of the kitchen were painted golden yellow, seamlessly blending the kitchen with its surroundings. The internal hardware and structure are still IKEA, while the panels are completely custom.

Photography by Andreas Omvik.

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