Aiohttp Tutorial: How Does it Work?

Meta Description: With the development of Aiohttp, it’s now easier for users to make their own web servers. Read this guide to see how Aiohttp can be used for your own personal and professional projects!
What is Aiohttp?

Aiohttp is an HTTP server/client for asyncio. It allows users to create asynchronous servers and clients. Also, the aiohttp package works for Client WebSockets and Server WebSockets. Here’s how you can install Aiohttp via pip.

pip install aiohttp

Now that aiohttp is installed, we’ll start by using an example!
Obtaining a Web page

The documentation from this aiohttp example is used to grab an HTML page. Let’s see how it works:

First, we import aiohttp, asyncio, and async_timeout which allows us to timeout a coroutine. Then, we create a loop at the bottom and call it to our main function. It makes a ClientSession object that passes the fetch() function that finds…

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