The best BlackBerry KEYone deals and prices in February 2018

A comeback story to match Liverpool in Istanbul or Elvis's '68 special, the fruity mobile phone company synonymous with business execs tapping away at a miniature keyboard has returned to grace. The BlackBerry KEYone arrived last year and (whisper it quietly) it's actually rather good.

We've been keeping a keen eye on the best Blackberry bargains out there, and the prices continue to slowly fall. Unlike when it was released, you can now get the KEYone on contract for way less than £30 per month – and now even under the £20-mark! And you don't have to scrimp on data either. Check out our price comparison tool below for details of cheap 5GB and 8GB deals and you'll see they compare handsomely with some of the other best mobile phone deals out there.

Equipped with an updated version of that keyboard, Full HD screen and 12MP main camera, the Blackberry KEYone runs off Android. If you've missed your old pocket-PC, we recommend checking out our pick of the best three deals in town as you scroll down the page. It may not quite be a match for the likes of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, but it's not far off and it's way cheaper. 

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Top 5 best BlackBerry KEYone deals this month:

If you're just not sure which offer best suits you, we'll take the pain out of choosing your new BlackBerry KEYone deal. Whatever data usage you require, we pick out the cheapest prices on the market.

The BlackBerry KEYOne is the smartphone for anyone who has said ever ‘I miss my old BlackBerry.’ We can't fault it for admirably resurrecting the best of BlackBerry: a physical keyboard, sophisticated-looking, two-tone design and smart, secure software. It looks and feels like it’s meant for business. 

Exiled BlackBerry users who have felt forced to trade their physical keyboards for on-screen keyboards will undoubtedly rejoice.

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