Solving Product Design Exercises — Prepare for your next UX/product design job interview

Hello PH!

I’m super excited to share my book with you today! It’s goal is to help UX/product designers prepare for job interviews, practice their skills beyond aesthetics and help companies build designers hiring process.

I believe there are not enough resources for designers to prepare for job interviews (unlike engineers/PMs). Often designers don’t know what to expect from the interview. In addition, they are mostly focused on the aesthetics and how things look over how they work and benefit the business.

I decided to share my experience of hiring designers and my first step was sharing publicly the exercises we used during interviews at WeWork ( The feedback I received was great. After talking to both designers and employees I decided to write this book that will help both designers and businesses to improve their skills, create better expectations and eventually build better products.

The book features advice from design leaders who worked and led design teams at companies like Apple, Google, Pinterest, Square, IDEO, GitHub etc.

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– Artiom Dashinsky


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