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  • NVIDIA May Be Trying To Prevent GeForce GPUs From Being Used In Data Centers

    Making the rounds on the Internet this holiday weekend is an updated NVIDIA GeForce software license agreement prohibiting the use of their drivers in data-center deployments for consumer GPUs.

  • Marek Boosts Glxgears Performance By 20% For Christmas

    Well known open-source AMD driver developer Marek Olšák has taken to some Christmas day hacking on Mesa with a significant performance improvement for AMD APU owners and those who care about glxgears.

    While glxgears is not a benchmark, all too often people still seem interested in glxgears. If you fall into that boat, you will now find better performance with RadeonSI Gallium3D. By not using fast color clears for small images, this simple chage makes glxgears about 20% faster on APUs and a little more for discrete GPUs.

  • AMD Queues More AMDKFD HSA Kernel Driver Changes For Linux 4.16

    More AMDKFD changes are being queued for the upcoming Linux 4.16 kernel merge window with this being the kernel HSA driver for ROCm support, etc.

    The big work ongoing is getting the discrete GPU support upstreamed so that the stock mainline Linux kernel could work with the user-space ROCm open-source packages for OpenCL support, etc. Unfortunately this latest AMDKFD pull request still doesn’t have all the dGPU changes as it’s still waiting on a patch for the PCI subsystem that introduces the needed PCI-E atomics support.

  • Freedreno Lands Context Priority Support

    Rob Clark of the Freedreno project has landed his context priority patches in Mesa that originate from this past October.

  • NVIDIA To Abandon All GPU Driver Support For 32-bit Operating Systems

    The time has come for gamers and enthusiasts to ditch their 32-bit operating system (assuming you haven’t already), because NVIDIA has announced that it will no longer support drivers for these operating systems. If you have been hobbling along on an old 32-bit version of an OS to save some money, perhaps Santa can bring you a 64-bit OS. NIVIDIA says that support will end after the 390 driver release.

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