EasyEDA Two Years Later

Some people want everything on the cloud, while others refuse to put even the smallest scrap of data on the Internet. Most of us fall somewhere in between. A few years ago, we talked about a few cloud-based PCB layout programs including one called EasyEDA. We were impressed because it was a full package: schematic capture, simulation, and PCB layout. It was free to use, although they would give you a quote for producing your boards, though you were under no obligation to buy them. Of course things change in two years, so if you are curious how EasyEDA is doing, [Yahya Tawil] posted an in-depth review.

Some of the new features include an autorouter and the ability to order parts from a BOM directly, not just PCBs. The cloud aspect is handy, not only because you don’t have to install and update software to use it anywhere, but because it is very natural to collaborate with others on projects. We did notice, though, that the autorouter can run in the cloud, or you can download and run it local because it apparently loads the server significantly.

Unlike some online PCB layout programs, EasyCAD produces industry-standard Gerber files, so although they will offer to produce your boards, you can take your files anywhere. Two years ago we did have a short run of boards made just to see how they would come out and they were fine and the price was very competitive.

If you missed our original EasyEDA post, we looked at it and — no kidding — MeowCAD. We also know [Hari] used them for his giant LED cube boards. If you prefer your reviews in short videos, [MickMake] has part one of his review, below.

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