Linux/Graphics: Intel, Mesa, and Gallium3D

  • Intel UMIP KVM Support Ejected From Linux 4.15, Will Have To Wait To Linux 4.16

    Linus had pulled in these changes but then decided to unpull it for not enough testing. Linus wrote, “So I pulled it, but then checked, None of this was in linux-next 20171117 either, So I unpulled it.”

  • Intel Posts FP16 GLSL Patches For Mesa

    Topi Pohjolainen of Intel has been working on adding proper FP16/half-precision support to Mesa’s GLSL code.

  • Marek & Mario Prep 10-bit Color Visual Support For Mesa/Gallium3D

    Building off the work by Mario Kleiner, AMD developer Marek Olšák has been working on 10-bit color visual support within Mesa/Gallium3D.

    Currently housed within Marek’s Git branch are the patches by Mario and him for supporting 10-bit color visuals properly within Mesa and wired through for Gallium3D. With 10-bit color visuals, it’s basically going from 256 luminosity levels per color/channel with 8-bit to 1024 levels. Most graphics cards going back years have supported 10-bit color visuals while the number of monitors supporting 10-bit colors has been much more limited until recently.

  • There’s An ARM Mali Gallium3D Driver Still Being Developed

    Making the rounds this weekend online as a “new” ARM Mali open-source driver is what we wrote about back in June as A New Mali-400 Open-Source Graphics Driver Is In Development.

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