Google Search now compares specs, prices, and more for phones

Rolling out now to select users.

There are more smartphones to choose from than ever before, and all of them have varying features, prices, and specifications. Trying to decide which device is best for you can often be a challenge, but doing so through Google Search is about to get a whole lot easier thanks to a new tool that’s rolling out now to some users.

When you head to Google Search (both on mobile and desktop) typing in something along the lines of “Pixel 2 vs Galaxy S8” or “Note 8 versus iPhone X” will now show each device side by side with a list of their own reviews, prices, colors, release dates, and more.

Tapping on the blue arrow will take you to a more detailed comparison between the two phones you’re researching, and here you’ll be able to see storage capacity, battery life, screen size, camera specs, cellular connectivity options, physical dimensions, etc.

There’s also a toggle at the top that will highlight differences between the two gadgets so you can quickly see how they’re different and what features or specs they share between one another.

You can only compare two devices at this time, and while the feature isn’t available for everyone quite yet, Google does seem to be rolling it out to more and more people as time goes on. If you’ve got access, let us know what you think about it in the comments below!

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