Nokia 9 Renders Show Off Dual Camera and Lack of Headphone Jack

Nokia so far has been seemingly trying to buy the hearts of (enthusiast) consumers, offering bootloader unlocks for selected devices in the future and promising long-term updates. This has gained the attention of many, as very few companies are offering lower prices than some competitors, bootloader unlocking, and updates. The Nokia 9, rumored to house a Snapdragon 835 SoC, 5.5 inch AMOLED display at 1440p and 4GB RAM appears to be the standard spec of any flagship phones releasing today.

Now thanks to a leak from Compareraja and @OnLeaks, not only is the device packing some killer specs, but it has some other surprises. The device features a vertical dual camera system, either 12 or 13MP. It will again feature OZO audio and spatial microphones, along with a fingerprint sensor. These are the specs across Samsung’s or HTC’s current flagships. Now 360 degree render images have been leaked, including a video of a render of the device. The one problem- no 3.5mm jack.

For many, this is not a deal breaker, but for others it certainly is. There have been very few similarly divisive issues, but the 3.5mm jack has proven to be one of them. Even now, Samsung (one of the most mainstream manufacturers, especially in the west) are still launching devices with one.

As can be seen above, the Nokia 9 does feature a camera bump. The camera bump will be around 1.4mm. The dimensions are reportedly 140.9 mm (l) x 72.9 mm (w) x 7.5 mm (h), and 8.9mm deep with the camera bump. Small enough, but may still be annoying.

The video above shows the device in greater detail if you are interested, but the render images should give you a good enough glimpse. You can also check out the source of the leak below, and we’ll be sure to cover any more news on the device as it comes out!

Source: Compareraja & OnLeaks

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