The best cheap PS4 bundle deals in September 2017

Sony's console is leading the way so far this gen and there are some fantastic PS4 bundles hidden around the net. We're here to track down the best of them for you, because you shouldn't have to wait for Black Friday for the best PS4 deals. Looking to buy in the UK or Australia? You'll want to take a look at our UK page page or Australian page.

First up, we'll show you the best prices for standalone PS4 Slim consoles. Although, you can often get better value by opting for a PS4 console bundle with a game or two which proves cheaper than buying them separately. We've rounded up the best of those PS4 bundles too.

You can also see prices for the older original PS4. Generally though, we're seeing the PS4 Slim go for less, making it the more attractive option. It's worth keeping an eye on the price comparison widget though as the occasional bargain pops up every now and then to tempt you in with those classic looks.

Last but not least, there's a list of the latest prices for the PS4 Pro along with any decent bundle deals we've found to save you some extra money.

Consoles are new unless otherwise stated and are from reliable retailers. If we wouldn't buy it ourselves, we won't list it here. This guide is updated regularly with the cheapest PS4 deals. Or, if you'd like to take a look at team green, check out the latest Xbox One bundles.

cheap ps4 slim deals

The best PS4 Slim deals:

Slimmer, quieter, smaller

The new PS4 Slim models are out now from around $300. This new model has replaced the original PS4 on production lines. The console itself is smaller, lighter and more power efficient and is generally cheaper than the older PS4 now, so you're not paying extra for the refined tech. Most of the current PS4 Slim bundles seem to come with Uncharted 4 at no extra charge, so make sure you get one of those if you're paying around $300. There are lots of other bundles available too, often for less than $300. See below for details.

cheap ps4 deals

The best original PS4 deals this week:

The full-sized original with optical out audio options

These are the regular full-sized PS4 deals. Keep an eye out for some tasty bargains as retailers clear space for the newer model. Prices have been dropping over recent months anyways. Although you could find a cheap PS4 deal here, we'd check out the PS4 Slim deals before buying one of these as we're starting to see some go even cheaper.

The best PS4 bundle deal this week

You'll often find that the most attractive way to buy a console is in a bundle with extra hardware or extra games. These are the best PS4 bundle deals currently available in the US.

PS4 bundle deal of the week

1TB PS4 Slim | Cal of Duty: WWII | $299.99 @ GameStop
PS4 bundles in the US have been garbage in recent months. With basic bundles with one game, going up in price every week it seems. So we're delighted to see this upcoming Special Edition 1TB PS4 Slim bundled with a free copy of the upcoming Call of Duty: WWII for $299.99. Let's put it this way $300 is a decent price for the 1TB PS4 Slim on its own, that's why the regular 1TB deal below was our Deal of the Week last week. Like we said, it's been a rough couple of months. This bundle releases November 3.

View this PS4 deal: Limited Edition 1TB PS4 Slim, Call of Duty: WWII $299.99 @ GameStop

1TB PS4 Slim | $299.99 @ GameStop
Need some extra storage space to house your game collection? The 1TB PS4 hard drive makes a huge difference over the 500GB one considering those pesky mandatory install sizes. We especially like this deal because it's $100 cheaper than most other stores! There aren't any games included, but considering the price of the 500GB bundles this week, this is the one we'd go for.

View this PS4 bundle deal: 1TB PS4 Slim $299.99 @ GameStop

Gold 1TB  PS4 Slim | $354 @ Amazon
We thought we'd seen the last of the gold PS4s as they sold out within a few days at launch earlier this year. So if you missed out last time, now's the time to strike before they disappear again. That said, this isn't as cheap as the launch price for the Gold PS4 Slim, but considering nowadays even the old black 1TB PS4 is at least $300, this could be as good as it gets.

View this PS4 deal: Gold 1TB Ps4 Slim $354 @ Amazon

PS4 Slim | Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare | Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Remastered | $309 @ Amazon
We've seen the regular COD PS4 Slim bundle doing the rounds for around this price, but this is actually the Legacy edition. This is great because in addition to the new Infinite Warfare you're also getting Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Remastered. As we get closer to the new COD game though, this is a bit more expensive than we'd like.

View this PS4 bundle deal: PS4 Slim Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Legacy bundle $309

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cheap ps4 slim deals at amazon

500GB PS4 Slim | Uncharted 4 | $299 @ Amazon
If you're after a cheap PS4 Slim, this bundle is usually a solid buy as it comes with Uncharted 4. This isn't a great price though to be honest as it's been closer to $250 in recent months. It might be worth waiting for the prices to shift again.

View this PS4 bundle deal: PS4 Slim with Uncharted 4 $299.99 @ Amazon

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ps4 pro deals

The best PS4 Pro deals this week:

Are you ready for 4K gaming and Netflix?

Essentially, the PS4 Pro is an upgrade of the current PS4, rather than a 'next-gen' console. The keywords to take in from the PS4 Pro are 4K and HDR. The new machine will allow game developers to include 4K resolution and High Dynamic Range options in their games, so expect the likes of Uncharted 4, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Days Gone, Horizon: Zero Dawn and more to look even better on a HDR-enabled 4K TV. You'll also be able to stream 4K content from Netflix and Amazon.

White 1TB PS4 Pro with Destiny 2 | $447.99 @ Amazon
The new white PS4 Pro is only available as a Destiny 2 bundle for now. Not that we're complaining, especially seeing as a regular PS4 Pro is still around $400 and Destiny 2 is around $60. So, you're basically saving $10 and getting the slick white PS4 Pro. This Destiny 2 White PS4 Pro bundle is out now.

View this PS4 Pro deal: White PS4 Pro with Destiny 2 $447.99 @ Amazon

If you're buying a PS4, you'll probably need a cheap PlayStation Plus deal too. PlayStation Plus (aka PS Plus or PS+) allows you to play PS4 games online, along with access to the Instant Game Collection, a bunch of free games for PS4, PS3 and Vita each month. The default price for a year is $60. We've shopped around for you though and found a range of prices in our PlayStation Plus deals guide.

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