Google Store now sells replacement facepads for your Daydream View

If you spend a lot of time playing VR, you’re going to have to deal with sweaty facepads.

Google’s Daydream View was released alongside the Google Pixel last year and if you purchased one and use it regularly, you will have had to handwash the facepad at least once or twice so far. Made from breathable mesh fabric, the facepad is a magnet for the sweat, grease, dirt, or makeup on our faces. If you’re in need of some tips, our friends over at VRHeads have this great guide for keeping your Daydream View clean and hygienic.

Until now, cleaning your Daydream View facepad meant that you had to spend some time in actual reality waiting for your clean facepad to dry. If this has annoyed you in the past, you’ll be happy to know that Google is now selling replacement facepads for the Daydream View from its website.

The replacement facepads are only available in one color, gray, and can be purchased for $14.99. It’s a great accessory to have around as a replacement for the facepad that originally came with your Daydream View or to swap a fresh one in when you want to share your headset with friends.

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