XDA Forums Live for MWC 2017 Devices!

This year’s Mobile World Congress was a busy affair — OEMs from all across the world converged under one roof to announce their newest products. We saw devices ranging from dumbphones all the way to premium flagships, giving everyone something to choose from.

In order to provide our forum users the best of experiences and give a one-stop shop to talk about everything surrounding their upcoming new phones, we are opening new XDA subforums for the devices that were announced at MWC 2017!

Click on the links below to visit the device forum:





HMD Global / Nokia


The purpose of these forums is to provide our forum users a central location to talk about the device of their interest. Once the devices go on sale and become available to the public, these discussion areas will also host development as well. Having device-specific subforums will help maintain order in our general areas, giving all our forum users a place to go to in order to look for and find answers to their questions.

Head on over to the device specific sub forums to participate in discussions and know more about the new devices! Also check out our MWC 2017 coverage by following this link!

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