BSides NOVA 2017 Videos

These are the videos from BSides NOVA 2017.. Thanks to those who manned the video rigs.

AM Key Note
Ron Gula

Using Software Defined Radio for IoT Analysis
Samantha Palazzolo

Imposter Syndrome: I Don’t Feel Like Who You Think I Am.
Micah Hoffman

PM Keynote – Tarah Wheeler

How the Smart-City becomes stupid
Denis Makrushin

Won’t Get Fooled Again: The expected future of IoT malware and what to do about it.
Blaine Mulugeta

Software Supply Chains and the Illusion of Control
Derek Weeks

“Humans, right?” Soft Skills in Security
Ariel Robinson

Panel | Local Community Cyber Groups in NoVA
Jeremy Duncan

Networking with Humans to Create a Culture of Security
Tracy Maleeff

Why the NTP Security Problem Is Worse than You Think
Allan Liska

Bro, I Can See You Moving Laterally
Richie Cyrus

Panel | Parlaying Education and Experience into an Infosec Career
Forgotten Sec

So you want to be a “Cyber Threat Analyst” eh?
Anthony Melfi

0 to 31337 Real Quick: Lessons Learned by Reversing the Flare-On Challenge
Blaine Stancill

Finding a Companies BreakPoint
Zachary Meyers

Challenges and Opportunities: Application Containers and Microservices
Andrew Wild

Cyber Hunt Challenge – Develop and Test your Threat Hunting skills
Darryl Taylor

Anti-Virus & Firewall Bypass Techniques BY Candan BÃ-LÃœKBAS
Candan Bolukbas

I’m Cuckoo for Malware: Cuckoo Sandbox and Dynamic Malware Analysis
Lane Huff


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