LeEco is finally adding an app drawer to the Le Pro3 and Le S3

Upcoming EUI update will bring new features to LeEco‏s phones in the U.S.

LeEco has announced that an upcoming update to its EUI user interface will bring an app drawer to the Le Pro3 and the Le S3. The update will add the app drawer icon to the middle of the dock, moving the Live entertainment app — which lets you access LeEco‏s content offerings — to the right.

LeEco says that the addition of the app drawer was based on user feedback. The update will also bring camera improvements to both phones, with the Le Pro3 getting improved HDR capabilities while the Le S3 getting better image quality in low-light conditions. Both phones will also pick up additional parental controls, as well as tweaks to the LeEco Live interface and improved Bluetooth reliability. Le S3 owners will also see increased WiFi download speeds.

The software update will be rolling out to both the Le Pro3 and the Le S3 in the coming days. As of now, there‏s nothing to suggest that the update will be hitting LeEco‏s phones in India.

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