TomTom Touch Cardio drops the fancy tech to be a cheaper fitness tracker

The new TomTom Touch Cardio is the second fitness tracker from the brand, taking cues from last year's model but stripping out some of the tech to allow for a lower price.

It's similar to 2016's TomTom Touch in that it comes with a heart rate tracker, traditional step tracking and sleep tracking, but it sheds the tech for analysing body fat and muscle mass.

Like the original Touch, the Touch Cardio still aims to give you a more accurate calorie count by combining normal tracking tech with your heart rate to tell you how many calories you’ve burned off.

Stripped down

The body composition tech was the main selling point of the Touch, but it's been dropped in order to bring down the price of the new wearable – the TomTom Touch Cardio is £89.99 (about $110, AU$145) compared to £129.99/$129.99 (about AU$200) for the TomTom Touch.

The design of the Cardio is much the same as the original Touch, but inevitably drops the body analysis button at the bottom of the device.

The TomTom’ Touch Cardio is set to be launched in the UK and US in March; we've asked TomTom about a release date in Australia and a price for there and the US.

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